Certificate Course: European Fundraising Unique, comprehensive training for excellence in European fundraising

To fully realise your Not-for-Profit Organisation’s (NPO) potential in achieving its strategic goals, maximising the effectiveness of your chosen fundraising methods is essential. This course will provide insights into international best practice fundraising and will demonstrate how to integrate these insights into your organisation, ensuring success in your particular ontext.

As cross-border cooperation of many European countries continues to deepen, there are also growing fundraising opportunities to be found beyond your country’s borders. However, fundraising norms and procedures across Europe can vary and must be fully understood to successfully expand and compete in these foreign markets. This course details the essentials of how best to devise a potent fundraising strategy with such a European focus, as well as a complete programme covering the various methods available to execute such a strategy.

This course provides high quality training by leading experts in their fields to ensure that you leave this course equipped with the skillset required to excel in the European fundraising market.

Objective & Target Group

In this course, you will learn how to devise a fundraising strategy that will have maximum impact. Specific elements of successful fundraising strategies will be taught each day of the course and will form a comprehensive package designed to instil all the relevant skills to make you an expert fundraiser. After participating in this course you will be able to implement various key fundraising strategies within your own organisation to successfully navigate the fundraising market in your home country. You will also be equipped with skills to expand and compete in fundraising markets across Europe.

The target groups are individuals who desire a high quality education in all facets of European fundraising and wish to learn international best practice and seeking to improve fundraising systems at an organisational level. This course also focuses on NPOs looking to expand the reach of their fundraising efforts beyond their borders.


  • Basic theoretical principles
    • Overview of current studies and figures: potential of the Internet for NPOs
    • Online fundraising: strategy development, instruments and usage opportunities
    • Basic principles of online campaign communication: dramaturgy, measures and success factors
    • International and cultural differences
  • Instruments and practical examples
    • Fundraising-oriented web presence: addressing target groups and donation tools
    • Website promotion: online marketing and PR
    • Supporter relationship: newsletters and e-mail mailshots
    • Online campaign communication: innovative practical examples from NPOs
    • Social media: professional use in online fundraising and campaigning
    • Crowdfunding
Oliver Esberger

  • Reasons & prerequisites for a fundraising strategy
  • How to determine the fundraising potential of your organization
    • Market opportunities
    • Available infrastructure
    • Competitors’ activities
    • Fundraising audit
  • How to create and define a balanced mix of fundraising activities
    • Markets, Products, Channels
    • Investments
    • Payback period and break-even
    • Positioning
    • Human resources and organizational development
  • How to develop a realistic fundraising strategy
    • Setting clear and realistic goals
    • Mapping a pathway for achieving them
Jasna Sonne

  • The European and global impact of Individual Major Gifts
  • What exactly is Individual Major Gift Fundraising?
  • How does it relate to other high level fundraising methods?
  • Where does it sit inside a fundraising strategy?
  • What are the key conditions for successful Individual Major Gift Fundraising?
  • Setting out on the Individual Major Gift journey:
    • Climbing the Seven Steps to an Individual Major Gift
    • Research and preparation
    • Cultivating potential Individual donors
    • Telling your story – the Elevator Pitch and the Case for Support
    • Who should ask for an Individual Major Gift?
    • How will you prepare for an asking meeting?
    • What should you say in a meeting to ask for a gift?
    • What do you do once we have secured the gift?
  • How do we work with volunteer leadership and senior staff to get Individual Major Gifts?
  • How do we Steward our donors so that they will give again?
  • How do we evaluate Success?
  • Who is best suited to this type of fundraising?
Jasna Sonne

  • What is Legacy Fundraising?
  • The Legacy Fundraising Cycle and its applications:
    • Research
      • Current research: Understanding the legacy market throughout Europe and the world
      • Why and when we make and change wills/testaments
      • The motivations for leaving a legacy and developing a vision to match the motivation
      • Key research methods to find your donors and others (volunteers, staff, boards etc.)
    • Prospects
      • Who are your best prospects? Prioritising your donors and others
      • Communications
      • Identifying all possible communication channels and maximizing the potential for each channel to encourage legacy giving through story telling and message development
      • Distinguishing the best story tellers and the stories they should tell
    • Evaluating Success
      • Techniques on how to evaluate performance and success
  • Potential pitfalls and how to avoid them
  • Best-practice tools and strategies for implementing and executing the Legacy Fundraising Cycle in all stages and situations
Richard Radcliffe

  • Principles of corporate partnerships
  • Types of corporate partnership
  • Current trends in corporate partnerships
  • Developing long term corporate partnerships for your charity or NPO
    • Companies and sectors to align with
    • Identifying prospects and contacts
    • Ethical considerations
    • Developing your assets
    • First contact: cold calls and emails
    • Building relationships
    • Influencing and negotiating skills
    • Persuasive and compelling proposals
  • Delivering and maximising long term partnerships
    • Partnership essentials
    • Successfully starting a new partnership
    • Developing and maximising partnerships
    • Integrating your partnership into your charity or NPO and partners’ business
    • Successful partnership renewals
  • Practical examples
  • Group Work
  • Individual to do plan to take away
Henrietta Jones

Participant fee:
EUR1,650.00 excl. 19% VAT
Examination fee:
EUR200.00 excl. 19% VAT
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Certificate Course: European Fundraising
Berlin, 2021-03-01 – 2021-03-05

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After the course, the participant can take an optional 2-hour exam covering the entire content of the course. Upon successful completion of the exam, the participant will receive a course certificate from the NPO-Academy. For the examination, there is an additional fee of € 200 excl. 19% VAT (€ 238 incl. 19% VAT).

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