Calls For Proposals - Part 1 (Project design and concept note) How Not-for-Profit Organisations can successfully participate in “calls for proposals” with particular reference to EuropeAid

In times of scarce funds and cutbacks in national governmental funding, donor funding provided by institutions such as the European Union is becoming increasingly important. At the same time, the participation in so-called “calls for proposals” has become very competitive; it is no longer sufficient to have a good project idea but more importantly, this idea has to be appropriately presented. Every donor uses its own application form and many of them require the submission of a concise but well thought through project description, a so-called “concept note” ahead of a full project proposal. Despite the differences between donors there are substantial similarities which, if appropriately recognised, will greatly increase the chances of winning a grant.

This workshop will focus on EU funded aid programmes in the framework of EuropeAid. Part one of Calls for Proposals is a standalone seminar that can be taken with, or without participating in part two (Full proposal and budget).

Objective & Target Group

In this workshop you will acquire valuable and well-proven knowledge and skills that prepare you to excel in the intensely competitive realm of donor funding.

Participants learn how the “calls for proposals” process is structured and how to apply for and participate in “calls for proposals”. Moreover, in order for the application to be successful, participants will learn what they should consider in the different phases of the process.

The target group of this seminar are managers who develop projects and draft project proposals as well as project managers who want to participate in “calls for proposals”.


  • Introduction to the EuropeAid programme
  • Examining the “calls for proposals” process
    • Concept note
    • Full proposal
  • Developing and designing a project
    • How do I write a compelling concept note?
    • How do I develop a convincing logical framework?
  • What kind of work awaits me after my concept note was selected?
    • Brief introduction to the full proposal and budget

This workshop will prepare you to successfully participate in the first phase of the grant application process (concept note and logical framework). If you are interested you could attend another workshop to examine in detail the second phase (full proposal and budget).

1 Day
10:00 – 18:00
Participant fee:
€ 340.00 excl. 19% VAT
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Calls For Proposals - Part 1 (Project design and concept note)
Berlin, 2018-03-20

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